Friday, August 15, 2008

Grilled Cheese Night

C' know it sounds great, right? I don't care if you're four, fourty, or four hundred...a grilled cheese sandwich is always a good thing.

Last night I had dinner at Campanile. Thursdays there are "Sandwich Night" but, they've become known as Grilled Cheese Night. In addition to the regular menu, the sandwich menu offers a classic grilled cheese and eleven other amazing sounding concoctions. I was there with 10 people so I figured we'd see them all but, at least half had the burrata sandwich (with fresh chickpeas, cherry toms, prosciutto and crispy garlic), a couple had the classic with grainy mustard, and then there was a croque monsieur and my sandwich-braised lamb with feta, cherry toms and harissa. I think I tried everything but the croque and can safely say-YUM! The bread was of course from La Brea Bakery (next door) and it was grilled perfectly-toasty and glistening with good olive oil. The classic grilled cheese with grainy mustard was so simple but just amazing-the best Gruyere and the best mustard+fresh rustic bread=perfection.

The other sandwiches were served tartine style, open faced to eat with a fork and knife. The burrata...what do I need to say about burrata? But the fresh chick peas on top plus the crispy garlic created a really nice textural contrast. My sandwich was SO filling but, the half that I ate was out of this world too.

I can't really say if Campanile in general is the bomb. We didn't get past the sandwiches (ok, with the exception of a few bottles of Rose) but if they are indicative of everything else in their kitchen, the place rocks.

Next time you're in LA on Thursday, do as Rob and Demi did in "About Last Night" and have a sandwich night. Hopefully it'll work out better for you than it did for them!

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