Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

Before I get to the food sections, can I just say how great the farmer's markets are here in LA? I I haven't been to many but the few that I have frequented are packed with amazing produce, seafood, meat and flowers and free of any and all attitude. The people are chill, smiling, and generous. Prices are reasonable, the food is as fresh as it gets, and the sun is shining (which always makes things seem a bit better). If the Venice farmer's market is a Havaianas flip flop (cool but very laid back) the San Francisco Ferry Building is a Jimmy get the picture.

OK...on to what I'm reading today.

I had coffee, house made bread, and soft boiled eggs at Le Pain Quotidien yesterday. It was the perfect breakfast. Before I sat down to eat outside, I browsed all the home made pastries. The quiche looked amazing and, I'm obviously not the only one who thought so. Today's LA Times features their recipe for Quiche Lorraine with Leeks. You may not sit across from Val Kilmer, like I did, when you eat it at home but, it promises to still be tasty.

Flank steak is my go-to BBQ protein. It cooks fast, absorbs big marinades, and everyone loves it. In the NY Times today, Melissa Clark has a really simple Cuban style marinated flank steak. When the sun finally comes out where you live this summer, add this one to your next BBQ.

What a perfect summer salad! Cold noodles, chicken and a spicy dressing. The SF Chronicle is all about cold noodle dishes today and this recipe caught my eye. It calls for Chinese sesame paste, which is easy to find at an Asian market but, better yet, substitute peanut butter. I haven't tried it in this specific recipe but, I've made the change in lots of others and it works perfectly. The recipe also calls for mirin, a Chinese rice wine which is found not only at Asian markets but the Asian food aisle of any big supermarket as well.

Having come back from the farmer's market with three pounds of peaches and nectarines, I loved this recipe in the Seattle Times: Apricot Tart. I know, I didn't buy apricots but, in tarts like this any stone fruit will do. I'll try it with peaches and may also dot it with fresh black berries or raspberries.

Have you been to the farmer's market lately?

(PS...the picture above is from Pike Place Market in Seattle...I had my hands too full to take any photos today!)

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Deana said...

Jod, what is your favorite marinade for BBQ Flank Steak?
Can you share your recipe?


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