Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

Happy Food Section Wednesday. Here's what I'm reading in sunny L.A.

The question is, who is coming to dinner this weekend because I am making this recipe from the LA Times: Chipotle-Orange Pulled Pork on
Brioche Rolls. Recipes like this cook themselves-just turn on the oven, make the broth and wait...Now I just need to know who in LA sells the best brioche roll...anyone?

A gastropub in the Marina? It's the dining trend moving around all the hot eating spots in the country and now it comes to SF. The SF Chronicle spills the news about the new Chestnut Street spot from the folks who brought you Mamacita, Blue Barn, and Umami. I am a huge Blue Barn fan so we'll keep our fingers crossed that the new spot hits the mark.

When I think of no-bake desserts, I have flashbacks of purchased graham cracker crusts, Jell-o and Cool Whip. Fortunately, Mark Bittman turns things around in today's NY Times. His recipe for No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars actually sounds delicious, and not an artificial whipped topping in sight. Think these go with pulled pork sandwiches? My menu is shaping up!

The other night I grilled a whole butterflied chicken and served it with pickled tomatoes and a couscous salad. I wish I would have had this recipe from the Seattle Times for dessert. Cadamom Poached Apricots with Yogurt and Pistachios would have been perfect. I would be sure to find full fat Greek style yogurt for this one.

The sun is out. The farmer's market is busting at the seams. What are you cooking this week???

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Anonymous said...

Your pulled pork sounds great. We are making Morracan Lamb Chops, homemade onion rings fried in rice oil and a radish and snap pea salad.

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