Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

Wednesday food sections are out...

LA Times is my first one today as we've arrived in sunny So.Cal. I'm heading to the Santa Monica farmer's market in a few and will definitely buy figs for this Grilled Fig Salad. So easy and rich!

Flo Braker is an extraordinary baker. We used many of her recipes in culinary school and
occasionally she rights for the SF Chronicle. If you haven't figured out that I love my summer fruits in dessert, let me tell you - "I love my summer fruit in dessert!". This Simple Summer Cake uses an easy batter, tops it with sliced stone fruit and, my guess is, turns anyone into a baker. I love recipes that convince those people who hate to bake that, yes, it's really not that hard.

When it's not dessert I'm loving, it's a good burger. At least look at the front of the NY Times dining section for this shot of burgers, in Paris of all places! While the section has a few burger recipes, it's article on sliders includes this recipe for a bacon, tomatillo and cheese sandwich-slider size. Using your best Homer Simpson voice, say it with me "Mmmmmm....."

Finally, the Seattle Times. How could you not love a recipe for strawberry Anarchy Cake? Another simple cake, this one with an intriguing bit of olive oil and balsamic, that comes together in a flash. The short strawberry season is in full swing in Seattle so, my Northwest friends, try this cake while you can.

I think my list for the farmer's market is getting a little long...happy reading.

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