Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

Happy Food Wednesday in your local paper. Here's what I read this morning...

Still in Seattle so, the Seattle Times was first. I could count the recipes on one hand today, and my favorite probably doesn't even need an official recipe but, it sounds so good I just might have it for breakfast. They call it Great Dessert for a Cool Summer Night and I call it grilled bread with melting chocolate and sea salt.

How could I pass up the Chocolate Chip Cookies in today's New York Times? I've linked to the article first, as opposed to the recipe, because anyone who makes c.c.cookies will learn a thing or two from reading it-let your dough rest (36 hours!), make your cookies the right size, and (my friend K's best hint too) top them with a bit of salt.

I guess I need a chocolate fix today. In both of the recipes above, use the best chocolate you can buy. Each recipe hinges on the flavor of your favorite chocolate so make it good. In my book, that means at least 60% cacoa, probably more.

I'm heading to LA soon so I loved the LA Times article on bargain eats. The long list includes everything from liters of GrĂ¼ner Veltliner under $10 to a Pot Roast Sunday dinner for $10! Who knew?

The SF Chronicle did a big section on basic kitchen techniques which was fine but, my eyes went right to Michael Bauer's review of Rose Pistola, the North Beach restaurant I worked in out of culinary school. My stint was short but, I was there long enough to undercook grilled halibut for the restaurants main VIP-Don Johnson (Crockett and Tubbs anyone?). The place was actually great then but, if MB's opinion is correct, it's got some work to do.

Happy Wednesday....

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