Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm not one to crave a hot dog. In fact, I can think of about a thousand things I'd rather eat than a hot dog but, the humble 'tube steak' certainly has it's place.

My husband is from Chicago and he swears by a traditional Wrigley Field style hot dog-a Vienna Beef dog piled high with mustard, onion, a pickle spear, tomato wedges, spicy 'sport peppers' and a neon green relish that remains a mystery to me. In SF we get them at Moishe's Pippic in Hayes Valley. I usually opt for the corned beef sandwich but, I've tried that Chicago Dog once or twice and, honestly,it's not bad.

Well, we're in LA and everyone swears by the dogs at Pink's in Hollywood. After a day at the oh-so-lame Universal Studios with our son, we drove to Pink's. At 1:15 the line was about 50 deep and we must have waited a good half hour. At this point, any kind of hot dog was sounding good. The menu is huge and their signature dog comes with chili and cheese. We ordered that plus a plain dog for my son and a 'Walk of Fame' dog for me-an all beef hot dog topped with 'yummy' cole slaw and chopped tomatoes. I love cole slaw on pretty much anything, and have to say, while it's not bad on a dog, I prefer it on my corned beef . Check out their menu-there are some seriously odd hot dog combinations I have never seen in my life (strangest being the Pastrami Burrito-two hot dogs, grilled pastrami, swiss cheese, and onions wrapped in a tortilla-and I saw two people ahead of me order this monster!).

After we ate and drove home in stretches of LA traffic, my stomach stayed full for hours. When hunger finally reared its head later that night, I thought back on that hot dog. Was it really as good as it tasted when I was sitting in the warm sun and famished? Eh....probably not. I am glad I went to Pink's, I don't need to go back, and next time I'll opt for the corned beef at Moishe's (or better yet, at Nate and Al in Beverly Hills).

What do you eat on your hot dog?

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Liano said...

I get the Mulholland drive dog. Growing up I used to get a Scooter dog which was bacon, cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. These days the best NYC dog comes from Crif Dog where they roll the Kosher dog in Bacon -- deep fry it and top with ANYTHING. I like the 'drunk texan' which id jalapeno cole slaw, tomatoes and mayo. Mmm

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