Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why I Love Wednesdays

I've never been much of a newspaper reader. I love the Sunday NY Times but, as my husband will tell you, I always go for the 'Style' section first (with the exception of today's front pages-Go Obama!). News hound or not, I have a strange addiction to Wednesday papers. Why? It is the day all newspapers publish their food section. I'd love to know what's so special about Wednesday and where the trend began but, what ever the answer, I am glued to my Mac for a good part of my Wednesday morning reading at least four food sections.

My go-to section is the New York Times . The writers are constantly committed to not only writing fabulous recipes (thank you Melissa Clark and Mark Bittman) but researching the latest news in the world of food and reporting it in a thorough and approachable way. If you read only one food section on Wednesday, this should be it.

Next I go to the SF Chronicle. While my local paper usually has more recipes than the Times, the articles aren't as relevant to how I like to cook (plus their 'Inside Scoop' section has usually been scooped by the Tablehopper on Tuesdays). That said, I do confess to reading Michael Bauer's blog almost every day. He publishes short articles on his rants and raves and often creates a flurry of debate in his comment section. It is definitely worth a read on a regular basis if you live in SF.

Kudos to Russ Parson's at the LA Times . His food section rocks! Russ is a bit like Alton Brown of the Food Network-smart, funny, and full of information. I took a class with him at the CIA in St.Helena years ago and since then I've always followed his paper and his writing. I read the section online and love the layout-the photos are always vibrant and mouth watering and, while very LA centric (of course), the recipes are my favorite. They don't write as much about global food issues (v. the Times) but, their food writing is top notch.

Lastly, my hometown paper, the Seattle Times keeps me up to date on where I should eat when I make my next trip home. It's where I first discovered Matthew Dillon's Sitka & Spruce (the meal I ate there last year was one of the BEST I've had in a long time, anywhere!) and where I keep up to date on chefs like Tom Douglas. The section is small with limited recipes but, the Northwest is home to some incredible local products and this section really highlights ways to make this kind of food shine.

So after reading my Wednesday dose of food writing, here's what is on my list:
Matthew Dillon's new venture in Georgetown (a must-visit on my next trip)
Spot Prawns Roasted in Spiced Salt (these look like they might rival my friend Bibby's delicious version)
Queso Fundido with Squash Blossoms (get to the bad part of melted cheese and squash blossoms!)
"Everyday Drinking" by Kingsley Amis
(that one is for one person in particular who I know will LOVE this know who you are!)

Tune in next Wednesday for my daily dose of the food sections.

Happy reading!

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