Monday, June 2, 2008

My 'Ah Ha' Moment

I was 29 years old (for the first time) when I had my 'ah ha' moment. I'd been working in technology for 7 years and took a vacation to Italy to take a cooking class from Giuliano Bugialli. I'd always loved to cook. As early as I can remember my mom gave my dad, my brother and I each a night to cook dinner-she'd prep a few things in the fridge before work and the rest was up to us. It was a fantastic thing for a mom to do-both my brother and I grew up totally comfortable in the kitchen. One of my earliest food memories was my great grandmother (Grandma King) who used to come up to Seattle from San Francisco to stay with us each summer. She used to cook in a school cafeteria (back in the day when people actually cooked at schools!) and was an incredible cook. I remember being barely tall enough to see the stove top when she was stirring a bechamel for her home made mac and cheese.

Needless to say, I grew up loving cooking. When I arrived in Tuscany for my class, I had no idea the week would change my life. Mid way through the FANTASTIC program, I thought to myself "This guy is actually making a living teaching people how to cook! That's what I want to do! Ah Ha". Six months later I'd quit my job, moved to San Francisco and started culinary school. I haven't looked back for a minute. I found what I loved and followed my passion.

I think many people go through their lives never finding that one thing they love to do. I know I am lucky to have stumbled on life coach, career counselor, or personality profile. It landed in my lap and was totally good karma.

Every year Bugialli comes and teaches at Tante Marie's, where I work and went to school. I've told him a few times that his class changed my life but I'm not sure he really understands how serious I actually am.

Here's to you and your 'Ah Ha' moment...have you had it yet?

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