Friday, May 30, 2008


Mmm...that's good! The phrase every cook hopes to hear after making a dish. It makes it all worth it-someone takes a bite, maybe it's even you, there is a short pause and then you hear it, "mmm...that's good!'.

This blog is my way of sharing with you all things good: recipes, restaurants, cooking classes, web sites, and lots of tips and tricks. I've been teaching cooking for nine years and am thrilled to have a way to keep in touch with my students after they're gone.

I am also a busy mom. You know the type-carpools, lunch boxes, playdates and committee meetings. I live in a big city and do all I can to keep from becoming the typical 'soccer mom' but, I do drive a Volvo wagon so, make of it what you wish. I will update this site as often as I can. Most of my posts will come from my daily experiences as a mom and cooking teacher but, I also want to answer your questions so shoot 'em at me!

I am constantly a resource for my friends, those with and without kids, answering the questions 'what should I make for dinner', 'where should I go for dinner', or 'what should I make to bring to this dinner party'. My hope is this blog helps answer some of those questions too.

Welcome to "Mmm...that's good!" and happy cooking....Jodi


Deana said...

So excited to read your blog and learn from your experience and great cooking! Also, just great to hear what you are up to.

Cooking can definitely be intimidating. I have never tried to use phyllo dough. I look forward to trying your recipe.

We are trying to eat "lighter" these days. Is there a way to use phyllo and pastry dough without a lot of butter/oil? Also, do you try to "lighten" recipes? If so, do you have any tips?

I am looking forward to checking up on your site regularly and thank you for the referral to your friend's green site.

Great to hear from you and thank you for inviting us to read!

Love, Deana

Sara Narbaitz said...

Hey Jod,

It's about time you started a blog. :) I look forward to being a frequent visitor. Thanks for the referral to your friend's green website.

Cheers, Sara

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