Friday, May 30, 2008

Healthy Snacks-are they worth it?

So I picked up three boys from school today to take them to baseball practice (a.k.a.-time to dig in the dirt, push my friend, and stare at the sky). Being the good 'culinary mom' that I am, I packed some healthy snacks-blueberries and hard boiled eggs. Perfect for boys dragging on a Friday-a little protein to bring them back to life, right? Well, they were thrilled and excited-"YUM" they exclaimed. I handed them each one plus a paper bag for the shells. They diligently (I thought) peeled their eggs, ate them all, then shoveled in the blueberries. We arrived at practice and when they got out of the car to change into their baseball gear, I looked at my back seat. It was not the first time I over-estimated a bunch of six year olds but, crushed up egg yolk, egg shell and blueberries in the back seat of a Volvo is not a pretty sight. What was I thinking???

I try not to buy those convenient '100 calorie' packs (do you recognize the ingredients in those things?) but, today, I would have traded that back seat for a bucket-o-junky, and tidy, snacks in a heartbeat

When you have to do it, what do you feed your kids in the car??


Deana said...

On the way to swim class I give my son a spoonful of peanut butter. He licks that spoon pretty clean and gets a little protein before class.

Anonymous said...

How about a bag of cut up apples. As a rule, anything that rolls or stains will not go in the car!

Joy said...

I love the story, how funny! How about figuring it out, beyond carrot sticks and writing a book-
Clean Snacks for the Car.
Congratulations on the WS book! I can't wait until that comes out!

Card Girl said...

i do string cheese and a fruit.. banana's are easy, but if left in our 120 degree car, the unpleasant sweet odor is well.. unpleasantly sweet. a box of wipes in the car is also a must for my 2 monkeys.

Vesna said...

For my six-year-old, cored half apples and string cheese, or any cheese, for that matter. Also, bacon nestled in a paper towel held in a plastic container. Yes, bacon will leave grease stains if it's laid to rest on cloth. However, it disappears so quickly, it doesn't get a chance to stain anything!

Bananas and blueberries, no, no! I learned long ago that bananas, despite seeming so colorless, make awful black stains that I can never get out, no matter what!

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